There is an overabundance of misinformation available regarding what it takes to go to heaven.

The truth is we are all God's children and as His children, He loves us and has made sure we all have the opportunity to do what it takes.  And He actually kept our directions fairly simple.

The path God has laid out for us is often referred to as Romans Road because the scripture comes from the Book of Romans and it shows the clear path we are to follow.

Click on each scripture below for an explanation of that scripture and to read how it fits on our path to salvation:

Step 3: Understand the Cost of Your Faults

Step 2: Know You're No Better Than Anyone Else (And Vice Versa)

Step 6: Receive Your New Life

Step 5: Take Action

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Romans Road

​God's Plan of Salvation for Us

Step 7: Take Faith in Your Salvation

A roadside country church where everyone is someone and Jesus Christ is Lord

Step 1: Accept Your Faults

Step 4: Realize How Much God Loves You