Fair Haven Independent Baptist Church

Romans 5:08

8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that,
 while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

A roadside country church where everyone is someone and Jesus Christ is Lord

Here we are reminded of God’s love for us.  God took the form of man through His Son, Jesus.  Jesus came to earth to provide us a way out.  He is the Son of God which makes him royalty. So why would He lay all that down to come to a sinful world and live a life of meager existence? It’s simple really. Jesus came to earth because every person here has and will always sin, period. 

In the Old Testament (before Jesus), the children of God (Israelites) were just like everyone else.  They sinned and as we have learned, the cost of that sin is death.  They had to continually offer sacrifices to God in order to atone for their sins.  These sacrifices were of this world so they were not pure and so the people had to go back to God over and over with more and more sacrifices in an effort to pay for their wrong doings.

However, Jesus came down from Heaven, born of a virgin and was pure. He was the only one EVER to be able to live a sinless life.  He taught while He was here and He set an example that we are to do our best to follow if we are going to accept His sacrifice and properly follow Him.

After His work here was done, He willingly gave His earthly life on the cross as the perfect sacrifice offering for our sins. Since Jesus was pure and just, that was the final sacrifice required for our sins.

When His life here was over, He was placed in a tomb (traditional burial at the time) and then three days later He raised from the dead and ascended to Heaven.  This was the defeat over death. Death no longer had dominion over those that choose to follow Him and obey the direction He has provided.

While Jesus paid the price of our sin for us, we have our responsibility as well. We’ll learn more about this as we move on down Roman’s Road.