Sunday School                                              10:00am

Sunday Morning Worship                              11:00am

Sunday Evening Service                               06:00pm

Wednesday Bible Study                                07:00pm

Wednesday Evening Youth Service              07:00pm

Fair Haven Independent Baptist Church

Service Times

A roadside country church where everyone is someone and Jesus Christ is Lord


Listed above are our "normal" service times.  With the current COVID 19 restrictions, we have temporarily suspened service other than Sunday Morning Worship.  The doors of the church are open for Sunday Morning Worship and we welcome all who would like to attend keeping in mind the current social distancing protocol.  

Masks are required for all who attend.  If you don't have one, there are masks available at the church.

For anyone that is uncomfortable with or unable to attend in person, we are offering live broadcast of the service via Zoom Meetings.  To access this service, please click here to be taken to our contact page and send us a message including your email address and an invitation to service will be sent to you.